House Of Hell Customer Reviews:



Love the whole series and if there on offer I will buy them but the full price is a bit to expensive for me.

I'm young again

My favorite childhood book collection. The nostalgia is awesome.

Old school fun

Wow...great to see the old school rpg books back.I love this one it really took me back.I thought it was the 80s job on bringing this back looking forward to getting more titles.

Need to roll own dice

I would love to see the option to roll your own dice and enter the results. I never trust computer rolls. Other than that, excellent adaptation!

Awesome til u die

Art music story all awesome, but then u die for no reason. Like most of the FF games death seems totally random. You can win a hard fight, have the best gear and max luck stats, but still get game over by simply walking in the wrong door. While the easy mode let's u go back it's still not fair and ruins the experience.

A trip down memory lane...

This book still gives me the chills as it did when I was 10 years old. Probably one of the hardest FF books to complete!


Brilliant adaptation but very hard to beat legit (although I think city of thieves was the only one I cleared legit back in the day!) Also it's a pity they didn't keep the same technique in finding the secrets (subtracting from page number etc) Anyway does anyone know how to get the alternative cover artwork?! Roll on next ff title. Ps you still have images of the iPhone and ipad in game. Please change!!!


Brings back great memories. Thanks!

Another great tinman game!


Being my first ever FF book back in '84 I couldn't wait for this to release! TMG have the perfect game engine to do justice to the FF series, their own gamebooks are brilliant, so it's no surprises 'Book 10' is up there too! The choice of music is sublime! Fits in with the material superbly, feels like a true Hammer House movie!!! Roll on 'Book 3' (That's one for the true FF fans!) ...oh and for that true FF feel, play it in retro mode!

Great nostalgia

Brings back so many memories, still just as hard to finish today still have the paperbacks!

Doesn't work on Huawei Ascend P2

Works fine on my Asus Transformer but the text flashes up and disappears on my Ascend P2. I get a blank page and only see the text briefly when I turn the page. Hope this gets fixed as it's looks good on my pad but want to play on my phone :-(

Buggy but still enjoyable...

Crashes frequently but very nostalgic.


I completed this once in the 80's when I had the book. I love that I can now play these books again. Thanks so much for making these apps, I look forward to the rest of the series.

Fighting Fantasy does it again

Another fun gamebook from Fighting Fantasy & Tin Man Games.Looking forward to others in the future.Thanks for bringing them back to life,I enjoy playing them again.

Not as good as the others...

The conversion into digital form is a job well done however this is not the best FF. It is very short and linear and there is only 1 true path and lots of dead ends. Even the 'optional' rooms will likely lead to your death at some point from your fear getting too high, as you need a high fear score to win sticking to the right path as it is which is also unfair. I'd avoid this and recommend Assassins of Orlandes instead if your looking to get into game books!


I am a big fan and huge supporter of gamebooks. I have purchased most of Tin Man games and can honestly say this is the worst gamebook. Hopefully in the future all the gamebooks are as good or hopefully better then the GA series which is the best to me.


This was the only book that I could not complete when it originally came out. Great to see them in the modern format.

Fighting Fantasy heaven

An excellent conversion of the classic fighting fantasy gamebook with great 'directors cut' extras, looking forward to more FF books from tin man.

Fantastic nostalgia trip!

Love the updated format to a classic genre and the extra features like achievements and sound effects - worth every penny!

Actually scary

A book which is a game, that can stir my emotions and costs the price of a sandwich. Money well spent.

The most frustrating of the FF books is made worse

House of Hell is notorious as one of the harder of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. It has some serious design flaws. There are many instances where a mistake made early in the game dooms you to die at a much later stage of the story. For instance, if you are drugged and captured at the start, you will miss a critical character encounter, and you will be doomed to die in the latter half of the story, after you've gone through dozens of challenges. This makes it rather hard to figure out where you went wrong. This was common in old RPG gamebooks but it is inexcusable in a modern game. At least in the book version you could flip through pages at random and play little sections of the game. In digital form, you will hit wall after wall of frustration. You have been warned.

I want more!

I'm about 1hr in and I can't seem to stop . If the rest of the books are nearly as good, I might have to buy them all.

Awesome good fun.

There are a few typos, and it's hard as balls not to die of fight, but it's wicked fun, $3 is about right.


Most options lead to death. Kill a ghoul, death, kill 3 hounds, death. Win the fight, lose the fight either way death.

Good concept.

The book is crazy hard though. Only one true path so I found it pretty frustrating. Know that before you buy though. The other books apparently have multiple paths through the book.


Amazing this was my fav book to read and now i can play it on my phone. 5 stars


Brilliant way to get back into CYOA RPG's.

Great port of ff gameboook, look forward to the other classics being released.

A must have !

Beautifully ported on our devices. This book was my best kid reading memory. A must have to all nerd we are, thank you for this masterpiece!

Fantastic reinvention of the format

House of hell was the first ff book I ever purchased so I'm extremely nostalgic about it. The product is extremely well designed and highly polished, feels well crafted and the sound effects music and illustrations are marvellous I felt really engaged again in the game book. I love the difficulty modes and it's so much more fun and interactive than I remember playing with a pencil and pen. Good use of the license as it just works fantastic on smart phones etc can't wait for more

Brings back memories.

So many great memories of the ff books and this is done just in a way that stays true too those memories while making full use of todays tech. Great that I can choose too play this old school which may be cheating but was just the way I read these books. Can't wait for the likes of City of Thieves and other classics.

For Nostalgia Only...

I'm a FF old-timer and I still have many of them. I just finished all achievements and this book just doesn't hold up. I loved it when I was a kid even though I never solved it, but now I see how flawed it is. The difficulty is contrived and the construction of the environment is just poorly done. I can give several examples, but there isn't space here. The app is well made, though (except for all the typos). If you already know about HoH, it might bring back memories. Otherwise, forget it.


This game book is horrible. Full of typos and even on the easiest setting is difficult to survive the many unavoidable spots to die. For example, having killed the dogs in the basement I find a pitcher of water that refreshes me. I then leave the room by its only exit only to find the game writer forces me to push a button on the wall that summons everyone in the house to capture me and so I die!? The book is really bad and makes no sense, don't buy this.


Loving this already only started it wish the drawings were animated dymanics this would be ubercool

Great update of an old classic

This book was one of the first fighting fantasy books I read and it's great to see it re-imaginged in a very good way. The music and sounds are very atmospheric and I love the fact that they have the Old School Cheater mode :-) Worth every penny, can't wait for deathtrap dungeon

Super cool

Love these bring back good memories hope you do city of thieves and firetop mountain or deathtrap dungeon

Waiting for other titles...

Brings back memories.. Hope Tin Man will bring back deathtrap dungeon, warlock of the firetop mountain and other titles...

great fun!

Fighting fantasy app

This is Awesome let's hope there are more coming